The Key Concepts are the powerful ideas that have relevance within the subject area and that students explore and re-explore in order to develop a coherent,in-depth understanding. These concepts are like the "keys" that unlock the door of understanding. Also, by thinking through the key concepts our learning can connect across subjects and topics.

The 8 Key Concepts & Key Questions

FORM - What is it like?

FUNCTION - How does it work?

CAUSATION - Why is it like it is?

CHANGE - How is it changing?

CONNECTION - How is it connected to other things?

PERSPECTIVE - What are the points of view?

RESPONSIBILITY - What is our responsibility?

REFLECTION - How do we know?

This video may help you understand how to apply the Key Concepts at home: Key Concepts Video (This video was created by another school, however it highlights a wonderful usage of the Key Concepts at home).